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Pregnancy and neonates


  • Note that our Paediatric Unit uses the following references (in order) for suggested drug dosing in children:
    • Australian Medicines Handbook (AMH) – Paediatric
    • Paediatric Pharmacopoeia
    • Frank Shann’s DrugDoses (this resource uses higher doses than many as it is written for ICU settings – this should only be used by experienced prescribers of paediatric medicines, or under consultant/senior registrar supervision).
    • Please note that the RCH Clinical Practice Guidelines are suitable for use as a paediatric dosing reference, however care must be used to ensure the drug formulation is not only available at RCH (e.g. adrenaline 1% solution for croup).
    • Please note that MIMS is generally not used at BHS as a paediatric dosing reference.
  • Medication prescribing in children - mandatory rules for all medication prescribing in children.
  • Paracetamol recommendations - using ideal body weight, not actual body weight.
  • Codeine recommendations - updates from the TGA regarding codeine.
  • Tramadol recommendations - updated from the FDA regarding tramadol.

Parent Information

  • Medicines for Children - UK based website providing medicine information leaflets specifically written for children