Paediatric Protocols and Guidelines


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Pre-referral guidelines are located in the Referrals section of the Portal.

General paediatric clinical guidelines

  • BHS general index (A-Z topic list)
    • Paediatric Portal referral guidelines for BHS focused mainly on chronic presentations & outpatient care
  • Statewide CPGs
    • CPGs endorsed for statewide use by the Victorian Paediatric Clinical Network and endorsed wholly by BHS
    • Links can be found via either:
      • clicking the linked heading above for a full list and link of those available, or
      • clicking BHS CPGs link below (search word 'paediatric' will find all of them)
  • BHS CPGs (internal only)
    • Independent CPGs developed by BHS for use within BHS
    • Limited number of CPGs are accessible externally.
  • Royal Children's Hospital (RCH) CPGs
    • RCH specific CPGs widely used throughout other institutions, focusing on acute presentations
  • Forensic assessment resources
    • see the Clinical section of the Portal for links.

Neonatal clinical guidelines

Drug information & guidelines

IV & enteral fluids